Practice Tests

Miscellaneous Tests

Safety - Various safety related questions gathered over the years

Leadership This quiz centers around Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Berne's Transactional Analysis, and questions from Harris' book, I'm OK--You're OK.

American History Quiz

Word Analogies Quiz


Electronics Technician Tests

Test Equipment - a cornucopia of questions on the operation of test equipment and test diagnosis

Electro Magnetic Interference Quiz-2 - questions cite no reference so it's as is.

Circuits 1, Circuits 2, Circuits 3, and Circuits 4 - The first two quizzes (50 + 50 questions respectively) pertains to one schematic and the final two quizzes (50 + 37 questions respectively) has 9 schematics.  You will be given a component failure and asked what you expect certain meters to display.


Loranimal Tests

SSX - Megapulse Loran-C Transmitter test derived from the technical manual developed by KH.

Loran Test based on CIM 16500.13

Loran Operations based on LANTAREAINST 16521.1B

Loran Test based on CIM 16500.13


CG Sourced ET Referenced Tests

Test based on CIM 10550.13

Coast Guard History part 1 and Coast Guard History part 2 - These two quizzes are based on information contained in COMDTINST M5750.3, CG-487, and the Bluejacket's Manual

Safety Precautions for Technicians - quiz developed from Pamphlet D22105-1

Electro Magnetic Interference - quiz based on the Pamphlet titled ELECTROMAGNET INTERFERENCE AND EMI REDUCTION

Digital Troubleshooting - based on the material found in the Pamphlet by the same name.

Installation Standards - quiz developed from Pamphlet  D22104

Solid State Components 1 and Solid State Components 2 - developed from  Pamphlet  D22103-1

ET2 Sample Test by topic from Pamphlet D2210N (09/97)

Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series Tests

The complete NEETS series can be downloaded from our NEETS page.

Module 1 Matter, Energy, and Direct Current Chapter Tests

Module 15 Test Equipment Chapter Tests

Module 16 Test Equipment Chapter Tests

Module 18 Radar Principles Chapter Tests

Module 21 Test Methods and Practices Chapter Tests