Practice Tests

Miscellaneous Tests

Safety - Various safety related questions gathered over the years

Leadership This quiz centers around Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Berne's Transactional Analysis, and questions from Harris' book, I'm OK--You're OK.

Coast Guard History part 1 and Coast Guard History part 2 - These two quizzes are based on information contained in COMDTINST M5750.3, CG-487, and the Bluejacket's Manual

American History Quiz

Word Analogies Quiz


Loranimal Tests

SSX - Megapulse Loran-C Transmitter test derived from the technical manual

Loran Test based on CIM 16500.13

Loran Operations based on LANTAREAINST 16521.1B


Electronics Technician Tests

Safety Precautions for Technicians - quiz developed from CG PAMPHLET NO. D22105-1

Test based on CIM 10550.13

Test Equipment - a cornucopia of questions on the operation of test equipment and test diagnosis

Electro Magnetic Interference - quiz based on the CG Pamphlet titled ELECTROMAGNET INTERFERENCE AND EMI REDUCTION

Electro Magnetic Interference Quiz-2 - questions cite no reference so it's as is.

Digital Troubleshooting - based on the material found in the CG Pamphlet by the same name.

Installation Standards - quiz developed from CG PAMPHLET NO. D22104

Solid State Components 1 and Solid State Components 2 - developed from CG PAMPHLET NO. D22103-1

Circuits 1, Circuits 2, Circuits 3, and Circuits 4 - The first two quizzes (50 + 50 questions respectively) pertains to one schematic and the final two quizzes (50 + 37 questions respectively) has 9 schematics.  You will be given a component failure and asked what you expect certain meters to display.


Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series Tests

Module 1 Matter, Energy, and Direct Current Chapter Tests

Module 21 Test Methods and Practices Chapter Tests