Technical Services Limited

Technical Services Limited is here to provide you with refresher or begining training materials and assessments.

With respect to training, we have a Mathematics section and an Electronics section.  Other training includes a troubleshooting technique and using that technique with real world and theoritical examples.

Those who identify as a poor test test taker, can see if they read the questions and answers too fast, or they don't identify the stem of the question, or they easily choose the distractors, when taking a multipe choice test.

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Chance favors the prepared mind.
----- Louis Pasteur


02/16/2019 - Updated site, added newer editions of the NEETS manual, edited Six Step Troubleshooting, and added challenges to the test questions.
09/29/2017 - Changed to new design and added an older set of FCC license tests for users self assessments
06/12/2017 - Added the Six Step Troubleshooting Procedure
11/02/2016 - Added the NAVEDTRA Mathematics series A free mathematics course
09/23/2011 - Added the Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series books.  A free electronics course